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TFB Short Clips

38 Funniest Memes About Dog Shows

Look at that wink!


For sure.


Every dog behind our back.


Because you are.


But both adorable.


Walk it like you talk it.


What a good dog!


That’s showbiz!


Look at this guy run!


How can you not love this one?


Absolutely not.


What is going on.


Still posing even after the win.


“I’m supposed to do what, now?”


Well done, dog.


Can’t handle the cuteness.





Jazz paws!




Everyone is a winner!




Just like the first day of vacation.




So true, dog, so true.


“And then I said, Simba who?!”








Next year, they’re adding a Porgue division.


This is serious.


She looks less than thrilled.


His face is precious.




Who would not fall insta-love with him!!!


And what a stellar mop he is!



This dog knows it is gorgeous.


Best day of the year!

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