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TFB Short Clips

27 Hilarious Text Messages From Parents That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Pwned by your kid.

She has a point.

Dad gets it.

Touche, mom.

Dad mastering text slang.

Pwned by mom.

Dad thought it seemed possible.

We knew parents kept those pictures for a reason!

Ecstasy or breath mints? You decide.

What a card!

Thanks, Siri.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

It was entrapment!

She had no choice.

Not cool, dad.

If only.

This is how they talk behind your back.

Amusing kid.

Good lord, daughter.

Mom could win a rap battle.

He’s not that far off.

That’s what he said.

They like to keep you off-balance.

She needs help.

Book club is always the first concern.

Found it! Love you!

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