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28 Funny Quotes and Sayings for When You Just Need a Laugh Break
Funny Awkward

Choose one, hair!

Funny Netflix By 9

Sounds like a plan.

Funny Not A BradDoes anyone?
Funny Passionate StarvingGood answer.
Funny Stay Up Past 10Hard.
Funny Tall Red Flags/>They thought it through.
Funny Wash FoldMonsters.

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Funny When WhereYou know people like that.
Funny Who Am II’m scared.
Funny Why Go BachelorHa.
Funny Scale Bathroom Liar.
Funny Going Doctor True.
Funny Bouncy CastleLove it.
Funny Needing SleepUgh.
Funny Healthy EatsOr lunch.
Funny Well ConsequencesNice to see you.
Funny Ruin My LifeThat would be dangerous.
Funny School EndlessAnd work. And life. And parenting.
Funny Commercials StringAgreed.
Funny Stretched Hair TieIt’s my masterpiece. 
Funny Rest My EyesThat was a short nap.
Funny Autocorrect CorrectI’m not saying the word “whig” when I type “what” 
Funny HeadphonesWho doesn’t?!
Funny That One SockEverytime.
Funny Kee Eating It I paid for it.
Funny There I GoHa.
Funny The SoupSounds accurate.
Funny Is That The SunOh..

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