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TFB Short Clips

29 Pun Tattoos You’ll Be Jealous You Don’t Have

I wouldn’t veg my beets. Okay, that was bad.

Oh.. that was a choice.


You can’t beet this pun.

Ha, great sense of humor.

This is a person of taste.

Nice and subtle.

They won’t break it.



Rolling like a log.

So good a pun.

One foot here.

This is epic.

I pity the fool who doesn’t get this.

No Kermit, no!

So many boos.

Want a ticket?

These puns are definitely on the right foot.

Eye see what they did here.

A fancy lion.

Fly my pretty.

He labeled it.

It has its appeel.

Definitely a 6-pack.

Math humor!

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