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30 Funny Minion Quotes You Need to Read
Minion 5PmYou blink and it’s 5!
Minion Almost ThereYou know you’ve done it.
Minion Exacltly How I WantHa1
Minion HeadExplode.
Minion Not ReadyNo.
Minion People LovedLove people. Don’t use them.
Minion Star LightThe wish!

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Minion Tired ThinkingDon’t we all?
Minion Borrow HugRight back.
Minion IamNot at all.
Minion Never IgnoreAw.
Minion Shout OutKeep going!
Minion Born AwesoeYou are!
Minion Dont KnowFunny.
Minion 200 YearsMaybe 150 years.
Minion Money CanMoney isn’t all.
Minion Interesting ConfusionsThings to puzzle!
Minion HatersIgnore haters.
Minion Stop ChasingStop chasing them.
Minion Not AllowedHmm. Or work?
Minion Smile FaceThat’s good.
Minion Stop TakingDon’t!
Minion Exercised OnceVery dangerous.
Minion Just AwakeYep.
Minion Survival JuiceDefinitely.
Minion MemoryTa-da!
Minion Greatest WishKnow it.
Minion Dear GodStay strong!
Minion Jumped CouchNope!

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