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Adorable puppies always go viral on the internet, but the one we are about to show you will make you go “awww”. The latest tiny pooch to go viral is not your ordinary puppy since he is part of a K9 unit that learned CPR! Yes, you read that right! The little puppy performs CPR on an officer who pretends to be asleep.

20. K9 Unit

20 K9 Units Are Life Savers

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Dogs are known for being loyal and good guards. This makes them the ideal partners for police officers who go on dangerous missions. In fact, the next picture will show you what K9 units do best!

19. Catching Bad Guys

19 Great At Catching Bad Guys

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Police officers are always trying to catch bad guys and what better way to do that than to have a dog chase them? As long as a K9 is around, the bad guys are never going to run away.

18. Sniffing

18 Best At Sniffing Things

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Even though biting bad guys is what K9 units love to do the most, the thing that they excel at is sniffing for dangerous items such as bombs or drugs. This is why dogs are perfect for the police force.

17. Loyal Companion

17 Loyal Companion But One Takes Things To The Nextl Vl

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Ask any police officer who has a K9 dog on his shift and he will tell you that there isn’t any better partner. Nonetheless, the little puppy we are going to show you today is going to blow you away!

16. Incredible Dog

16 Trainer Acts Like He Is Dead And Dog Does The Most Amzing Thing Ever

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Today we have an incredible story about a little K9 dog that knows exactly what to do when he sees an officer go down. The next picture will amaze you!

15. The Puppy Jumps High

15 Jumps Highi

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The police officer pretends to be asleep and the puppy starts jumping high. Can you guess why he is doing that?

14. Performing CPR

14 Fals On Chest To Perform Cpr

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The reason why this little puppy jumps when he sees the police officer on the ground is that he wants to land on the chest in order to perform CPR. Isn’t this incredible?

13. The Officer Doesn’t Get Up

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13 Officer Doesnt Get Up So The Dog Jmps Again

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The police officer doesn’t make it easy on the little up and he doesn’t get up after the first CPR attempt. You won’t believe what the puppy does next!!

12. Moving The Hand

12 Hadn On Chst

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The puppy takes the officer’s hand and puts it on his chest. The reason why the K9 unit is doing this is to help with blood flow. I would’ve never guessed that a puppy can be so smart!

11. Another Chest Bump

11 Another Chest Bump

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Seeing that the police officer is not getting up, the puppy gives him another chest bump. Do you think this does the trick?

10. The Puppy Is Determined

10 Determined

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Even though the police officer is not getting up, the puppy is determined to wake him. If you thought what the puppy did until now is impressive, then you are not ready for what’s coming next!

9. Checking The Pulse 

9 Puts Ear To Hear For Breath

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The little puppy puts his ear close to the police officer’s mouth in order to check for breathing signs and for the pulse. This dog is so smart that it’s unbelievable!

8. Wake Up!

8 Again

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The police officer wants to prepare the young K9 unit for the most challenging situations and he still isn’t getting up. Fortunately, the puppy keeps jumping on the officer’s chest which proves that he is a loyal companion.

7. The Video Goes Viral

7 The Video Went Viral In One Day It Evne Made The News

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Just like you would expect, the video of the little pup performing CPR went viral! The video got more than two million views in only one day! Isn’t this amazing?

6. Making The News

6 News

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Seeing how there aren’t that many dogs who can perform CPR, it should come as no surprise that the little K9 puppy made the news! Everyone is talking about how brave and smart he is.

5. Doggy Treats


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If we can be sure about something, then it must be that the adorable K9 unit is going to get lots of delicious doggy treats for his acts of bravery. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

4. Good Boy

4 Officer Epts The Good Vboy

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The police officer doesn’t want to upset his loyal companion and he gets up. As you can see, the puppy is excited to see that his human friend is safe and he starts wagging his tail.

3. Excited

3 Excited For New Job

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Aren’t police dogs just the most adorable thing ever? This little pup is so excited to start his new job!

2. Tired

2 Lazy

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Being a police dog is not an easy task, and this little pup is exhausted! Although, who wouldn’t be tired after running around the city all day long?

1. Not Ready To Leave

1 Not Ready For Work

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As we can clearly see, not all police dogs love their job. This little fella is not ready to leave for work and he would rather spend more time with his plush toy.

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