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30 Hilarious Minion Quotes 
Minion Unmeet

I bet we all do at some point.

Minion CrispySo crispy!
Minion Get In TroubleYou’re fired!
Minion Clean EverEasy.
Miniion Scream WoodsIt’s a plan.
Minion Married MeSo there.
Minion ConnectedCan they be?

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Minion Avoid InjurtThat’s what many think.
Minion Get EvenEfficient.
Minion Wrong PersonNooo!
Minion Married 3O0Ah I see what you did there.
Minion Cup Of CareHmm.
Minion Stress DrugWouldn’t we all?
Minion Question SanityOh no!
Minion Wait MomentTake it.
Minion WhatchaThe whoosit seems busted.
Minion More ComfyWhy is that?
Minion Text BackRare!
Minion Missed CallThe way it goes.
Minion BraGood bra, good.
Minion 5 GlassesBetter luck next time.
Minion Fat FluffyDifferent!
Minion KeeperOh he is.
Minion See Me LaughingWatch out!
Minion Bodies On LawnHa.
Minion Wonder Dollar BillsEw.
Minion Dont ScareBoooo!
Miniion Lazy HeavenIt’s gotta be the second.
Minion Behave MeThere we go.

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