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30 Wonderful and Funny Minion Quotes
Minion 95 5Let me figure this out.
Minion Break My Thoughts Don’t we all?
Minion Dont Get AnnoyedTrue!
Minion Eat WhateverDon’t take that!
Minion How FarCalgon take me away!
Minion Place In The WorldIt’s pretty nice.
Minion RefundCan we return them, please?

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Minion Soft DramaAw.
Minion SugarcoatWell they said that!
Minion Two ReasonsHm
Minion Vodka SaladScience.
Minion Happy FreeBe happy!
Minion Strong EnoughYou were.
Minion Might Notbe ChoiceYou are a great choice.
Minion My RememberHow!?
Minion Faster CheaperWhatever works.
Minion Suck Nice They do!
Minion IntelligenceDo you?
Minion Bubble WrapPop pop!
Minion Back Rub Yeah, magic.
Minion Be SingleIt’s easy.
Minion Love Is HappyLove is!
Minion Girl OverthinkingAsk her!
Minion Chain LettersChocolate!
Minion Realize WrongAnd then you have to pretend that you didn’t realize you are.
Minion Night FallenGo to sleep.
Minion DepressionKeep going.
Minion Never SpellYou’re out there!
Minion Try To Sleep AgainSo hard.
Minion PhonesIs it my leg?!
Minion Show You AroundGive ya the tour.

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