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TFB Short Clips

31 Amazingly Funny Animals

Peace out hippy!

The first Monday morning after vacation.


Never cross a cat!


Riding the Pupper Express.

Like father, like son.

I can relate, but I’m  not that cute.




Glad Gina the Guinea Pig is having some R&R.




Horses are amazing.


Truth in advertising.


Tiny but very mighty.


An adorable one!


Ready to go!


A photobomb for the ages.


Watch your back, dog.


The cutest kangaroo ever!


Beluga whale alert!


10 out of 10 would date.


I am familiar with this move.


So say we all.


Sounds fun!


They live in Florida and eat dinner at 4:00 pm.


Otters tell the best jokes.


Bird wants you to know he’s prettier than seaside.




This is very awesome.


Disappointed fox is a tech nerd.


Whatever gave you that idea??


Going for a swing!


I love this.

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