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31 Animals Who Aren’t So Sure About Christmas

Funny Twice List

Didn’t agree with the naughty list.

Funny Tiny Village

He did what he had to do.

Funny Buck

Not happy at all.

Funny 9 Puppies

9 puppies!

Funny Iloveit

Best gift ever.

Funny Christmas Petsmart

So rude.

Funny Hear Santa

She’s so excited to see Santa.

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Funny Pjs

It wasn’t.

Funny Let That Happen

Who do you think I am?

Funny Blocking Window


Funny Arriving Feast


Funny Haters Hater

He looks great.

Funny Destroy Gift

The only one!

Funny Dog


Funny Dog Cat Eat


Funny Dog Antlers

Not a happy reindog.

Funny Dog Nativity

This is the best.

Funny Dog Santa Tennis

How dare you!

Funny Dog Smile

Oh yes, oh yes!

Funny Dog Chased

Good going.

Funny Dog Cookies


Funny Cat Eat

Elf went down!

Funny Christmas Glare

This is my anger face.

Funny Christmas Chomp


Funny Christmas Elf

Feline pretty hateful.

Funny Snowman


Funny Cat Stocking

Check your shoes and stockings carefully after this.

Funny Cat Tree Help

Such a great helper.

Funny Cat Tree Tree

Just hanging around..

Funny Tree Dog

Ruining a great picture!

Funny Cat Hat

At least one is happy.

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