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31 Funny Quotes for Anyone Who Needs a Bit of Sass

Funny Too Sexy For Karma Nope
Funny College AgeAbsolutely!
Funny Do Not DustCarefulness you know.
Funny Drake Warned MeDid I listen?
Funny Fake SmilingNot into it.
Funny Food PyramidIt’s most of it.
Funny KanyeThat’s many of us.

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Funny Mondays BlinkWhere did it go?
Funny Not Getting OldRecognize.
Funny Note To SelfYou are!
Funny SparlleSparkle!
Funny Spirit UnicornSeems common.
Funny Midlife CrisisIt’s better that way.
Funny Did This With My LifeWhoops
Funny Full BodyThey’re ready
Funny Enough Sleep
Funny MetabolismHell yeah
Funny Text Isnt HostileHaha
Funny Lemons Chug Own it.
Funny Ryan ReynoldsOh Ryan!
Funny DepressingOuch
Funny Thumb MilesSo many
Funny Thankful All WaysThey are all great
Funny Single Bells Oh hey!
Funny Chase A GuyDon’t take food
Funny Made DinnerYum
Funny Staring MoneyThat’s one way to freak them out
Funny Best 5 Seconds Blissful
Funny Over My Bread Body Never!
Funny Salad PeanutBalance
Funny Spend SecondsOh boy

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