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31 Snarky and Funny Quotes
Funny Stick Just go.
Funny Very There’s a difference.
Funny Netflix Plans And some food.
Funny Glimpse Sunglasses Accurate.
Funny Like Free TimeSimplify it.
Funny Chemical Science!
Funny Want Be Me Cake though.

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Funny Smene Standup Savage.
Funny Attractive Sounds like a plan.
Funny Bdy Wrn So rude.
Funny SureLet me overthink it.
Funny Lazytd Send it back.
Funny CkieCookies don’t disappoint.
Funny Training StreetSo smart.
Funny Spun Spun it!
Funny Too Much Pride Let’s face it, we all do it.
Funny Sing We all do.
Funny Books Or MeSometimes.
Funny Cruel Choice Daytime TV is pretty bad.
Funny Friday On Her WayCome on!
Funny Sympathy CardsTruly.
Funny Jesus NameThat’s one idea.
Funny Throwback Thursdays Throwback indeed.
Funny Return Mondays Please.
Funny Last Night Sleep? What is that?
Funny Good TreePainful.
Funny Drinj Some CioffeeDo it until you know!
Funny Crunches Simple mistake.
Funny Cant SlapBrutal.
Funny Cant HandleJust doesn’t work.
Funny Been ThereThen repeat.

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