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31 Times Cats Were Jerks

Wasn’t the alarm clock, after all!

The first rule of cats.


Mean girls.




More cats on eggs.


Nothing to see here.


Spoiler: I don’t care if you were.





He cares nothing for your pizza!


Didn’t even wait  until  the paper came all the way out!


Uncomfortable? Don’t care!



They don’t care how much you spent, the box is always better.


Well done!


This couch be mine!!!!


The second rule of cats.


Oh did you need this?


But he so cute though!


Classic cat.


OMG how!?!


Back in you go!


And he doesn’t feel guilty, either!



It’s cat-o’clock somewhere!




More crimes against pizza.


They’ll even resort to taking the bread out of your mouth.


Total troll move.




Even cuties wearing sweaters are jerks!


I’ll alert the landlord.


Actually, they did not.


Oh my.

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