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32 New and Even Funnier Minion Quotes
Minion Bag Open


Minion Bill WashedYep, it’s all there.
Minion Did I EatDid I?
Minion DiseaseSounds serious.
Minion Donate FatI am so willing.
Minion Drunk TogetherFriends.
Minion Find SomethingIs that you?

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Minion Forgot BsIt’s here for you!
Minion Irrtable SyndromeIsn’t that all of us?
Minion Laziness SendNow that’s lazy.
Minion Magician HatIt’s a magical mystery.
Minion McnuggetThat’s one way to put it!
Minion Minion KingHa.
Minion MotorcycleBrrrr…
Minion Screw LooseOh dear.
Minion Sending All ThreeEnjoy!
Minion Sleep LessWhat’s the right balance?
Minion Sure FellPerspective.
Minion Voodoo DollThere we go.
Minion Why CloseFeel them.
Minion Get UpDo it.
Minion Never HappenTrying to load…no.
Minion No DesireMany suffer from the same illness.
Minion Patience EmptyWhere did it go?!
Minion Attitude GoneIt’s here!
Minion Surfing InternetSo..slow.
Minion Cant Pay AttentionTime is money.
Minion Do What You WantIt’s a trap.
Minion Good Morning Heres CoffeeCoffee!
Minion Financially StrongAgain with the coffee.
Minion WhateverWhatever.

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