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Originally posted on April 22, 2018 @ 12:50 pm

32 Wonderful Quotes To Inspire

Wonderful Quotes

No legacy is so rich as honesty.
William Shakespeare

You give so much when you’re honest. You leave so much too.

Wonderful Quotes

If you look at these photos,
they look like a dog, rabbit and cat.
But when you zoom on them individually
you will see the beauty of photography…
That is how life is, until you zoom on people’s lives
you wouldn’t understand who they really are.

Change how you focus.

Wonderful quotes - focused

Focused. Intelligent. Motivated.
oh, and cute.


Wonderful Quotes - strong women

So many strong women began as broken girl.
R.H. Sin

She grew.

Wonderful Quotes - power

You have the power to heal yourself,
and you need to know that.
We think so often that we are helpless,
but we’re not.
We always have the power of our minds.
Claim and consciously use your power.
Louise Hay

Will you heal yourself or at least try?

Wonderful Quotes - shoult out

Shout out to all the plants growing through concrete.

You grow regardless.

Wonderful Quotes - pay attention

All you have to do is pay attention;
lessons always arrive when you are ready,
and if you can read the signs,
you will learn everything you need to know
in order to take the next step.
Paulo Coelho

It will tell you.

Wonderful Quotes - make the best

There is no need to have it all,
just make the best of what you have.

Just appreciate.

Wonderful Quotes - accurate thinker

No accurate thinker will judge another person
by that which the other person’s enemies say about him.
Napoleon Hill

What they trying to tell you, really?

Wonderful Quotes - move on

It’s okay to move on…
Actually, it’s often a great act of self-love,
self-respect, and emotional self-defense.
Steve Maraboli

Take the lesson and move on.

Wonderful Quotes - moving on

In order to move on,
you must understand why you felt what you did
and why you no longer need to feel it.
Mitch Albom

It’s going to be hard but nothing is really easy.

Wonderful Quotes - do well

Go into the world and do well.
But more importantly, go into the world
and do good.
Minor Myers Jr.

Do so much good.

Wonderful Quotes - Arrogance

Arrogance is thinking you are above someone else,
Confidence is knowing no one is above you.

Learn the difference.

Wonderful Quotes - hold your head high

You just hold your head high
and keep those fists down.
No matter what anybody says to you,
don’t you let ’em get your goat.
Try fightin’ with your head
for a change.
Atticus Finch

Don’t let your emotions get in the way.

Wonderful Quotes - whatever it takes

Approach every situation with a
Grant Cardone

You CAN do it.

Wonderful Quotes - happiness

Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.
C.S. Lewis

It’s so fleeting.

Wonderful Quotes - saving one person

You begin saving the world
by saving one person at a time;
all else is grandiose romanticism
or politics.
Charles Bukowski

That’s where you begin.

Wonderful Quotes - small acts

Small acts,
when multiplied by millions of people,
can transform the world.


Wonderful Quotes - wolves

Wolves are just women
who fell in love with the moon
instead of men.
-Amrita C. Poetess


Wonderful Quotes - amazing

You are
just the way you are.

You are!

Wonderful Quotes - giving

Sometimes, giving someone a second chance
is like giving someone an extra bullet
because they missed you the first time.

Don’t give them that shot.

Wonderful Quotes - be great

You don’t have to be great to start,
but you have to start to be great.
Zig Ziglar

Quit fretting about not being great and start!

Wonderful Quotes - keep in mind

Keep in mind:
The tougher the lesson,
the bigger the blessing.

Let it teach you.

Wonderful Quotes - live your life

My mom said something.
You can lie down for people to walk on you
and they will still complain that you’re not flat enough.
Live your life.
-Mature Gambino

There’s only so much you can do.

Wonderful Quotes - find it

I hope you find it some day
whatever it is.

You keep looking.

Wonderful Quotes - being alive

Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion.
Being alive is the special occasion.

Think like that, and everything is small in perspective.

Wonderful Quotes - going through things

Going through things you never thought you’d go through
will only take you places you never thought you’d get to.
Morgan Harper Nichols

How cool and amazing!

Wonderful Quotes - respect

Respect the unexpected.

It can teach you something too.

Wonderful Quotes - bitterness

Bitterness hinders growth!!!
Don’t let your pride become an insurmountable obstacle.

Rise above.

Wonderful Quotes - better me

A better me is coming.

Isn’t that exciting?

Wonderful Quotes - vulnerability

Vulnerability is scary, but pure.
In it you can find bravery.
Raquel Franco

Don’t be afraid to vulnerable.

Wonderful Quotes - difficulty

The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself.
Maya Angelou

It’s true.

Wonderful Quotes - passion

Passion is energy.
Feel the power that comes
from focusing on what excites you.
Oprah Winfrey

Feel what ignites you!

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