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33 Funny Sarcastic and Witty Quotes
Quote Acts Like You


Quote Bargaining Every day.
Quote Be There SecHaha!
Quote Being Sarcastic So much weight loss.
Quote Charged As One Reminder.
Quote Copay Yeah…
Quote Cry River Salty!

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Quote Cut Thorns Sharp!
Quote Did You Fall Heaven That didn’t go the way I expected.
Quote Have Fun Be YourselfOh…
Quote Know Enough DangerousThat’s enough.
Quote No Man Bun None!
Quote Once Upon Time Iwas Tale as old as time.
Quote Out Of Shrits Who runs out first?
Quote Really Want There we go.
Quote Short Answer Simple.
Quote Wish Santa Probably.
Quote Karma Bus 1 Beep beep!
Quote Being Adult ughh.
Quote Life Test Anyone got a cheat sheet?
Quote Voodoo Doll Come on!
Quote Honestly We are?
Quote Good OutfitThe outfits need to be saved!
Quote Get Canceled Yes.
Quote Coffee Job With enthusiasm indeed!
Quote Go Ahead Pull Totally.
Quote Good Scissors Those aren’t for every day!
Quote Unicorn Holes How’s the mission going?
Quote Sarcasm Phd For some.
Quote Wont Believe This Accurate.
Quote Gladyou WorkMisery loves company.
Quote Shoes Ice Cream More Let’s do it.
Quote Buy Ice CreamSeems it.

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