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31 Minion Quotes for LOLs
Minion Workout Do

Music is great.

Minion ZombieHm.
Minion Octopus FaceThanks friends
Minion Dont Work More Let’s figure this out.
Minon Slow Week Sloooowwww.
Minion You Know Won Yep!
Minion Whatever FitsAnd is it clean?

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Minion SleepZzzzz.
Minion See Food ComingIt’s so beautiful!
Minion Purr Absolutely.
Minion PrayerCall him.
Minion Oficially Resign Time for recess!
Minion Made More Yeah.
Minion Laugh FunnyWhen you have to stifle a laugh, it’s the funniest thing ever then.
Minion Go Crazy There’s a difference.
Minion Based On Treat MeJust so you know.
Minion Airplane Mode Fail.
Minion Text Doorbell We all do that now.
Minion Hey Macarena Sleep…sheep…..
Minion More ThingsI’ve learned!
Minion Toilet PaperHa.
Minion Took TimeThey’re more worried about you than themselves.
Minion Walks InGreat friends.
Minion Small TownYep.
Minion Blowing CoverNooo.
Minion Soap Operas It seems.
Minion Who Cares AwesomeAwesome!
Minion Dont DareNooo.
Minion Stepped In MondayUgh, take it back.
Minion Caught MeThat’s facts.
Mninion Food DropWhat? No.

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