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28 of the Funniest Quotes Ever
Quote Bananacalories

It’s all about choices. Which are the right ones? The prosecco, of course! 



Quote Butdidyoudie

It’s a simple question.



Quote Chairspins

One day maybe it will spin me right out of here.



Quote Choosetops

Age old question. Never any answer. 



Quote Coco

Beware of this, because it’s the things that you like!



Quote Cupcakes

Cupcakes are great problem solvers. 



Quote Cupoftea




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Quote Drinkitcold

Viola, instant iced coffee!



Quote Gangprison

Might want to tone down the sass.




Quote Givingaf

So I decided not to!



Quote Ididnthearyou

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. 



Quote Iwasgoingto

Now I don’t want to!



Quote Mamabear

Poor thing had to deal with everyone’s meals first before she could eat her own.



Quote Marriageletsyou

Choose wisely because they’ll also be annoying you.



Quote Me914

It’s going to be a week.



Quote Metherapist

Why you’re not a therapist, exhibit 1.



Quote Nocoffee

Let’s hope I never find out.




I’m dying to have one!



Quote Nosquad

And that’s not bad. The number could be just 1.



Quote OnlytuesdayGreat. Could it just be even Thursday?



Quote Prefriday

So close.. yet so far away.




Quote Strongertoddler

The mother’s prayer.




Quote Suck

But now you know, so…




Quote Wontstart

Better yet, if you do it without her telling you. 



Quote Youreright

Good for you! 



Quotes Grandkidsmoney

I mean, they cost money



Quotes Wineflies

Sometimes when you’re not having. Yes, often then.


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