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33 Great and Inspiring Quotes for Success, Happiness and More


Inspiring quotes about life

“Begin to live as though
your prayers are already answered.”
Tony Robbins

Have that sense of belief.

Best inspiring quotes for anyone

“If we confront someone, we should
have one goal in mind: restoration.”
Chuck Swindoll

What will you do when you confront them?

Inspiring quotes for happiness

“You do not find the
happy life, you make it.”
Camilla Eyring Kimball

Make it what you can.

Inspiring quotes for the heart

“It’s that heart of gold and stardust
soul that make you beautiful.”
-r.m. broderick, poet

Stay strong.  It is!
Good thoughts for parents.
Take the risk.
It can be so hard to just try so give yourself a win when you do.
It has done that for me.
They are more strong than they know.
Will you?

Of course, that’s hard to imagine but just keep going.

Beauty isn’t everything.
It’s better that way.

Don’t overthink them!


Put forth all of your effort. 

Those are the ones that matter in the end.
So how will you rise?
Isn’t that great?
You think wrong.
Do you know?
Say it more often!


You can leave or you can stay.

No  one else is going to do it for you.
Let it wither away.
You got to be stubborn and try it all.
What did it take?
And that’s okay!
Sometimes it’s not about knowing what you’re doing exactly bit by bit.
Make them prouder.
Do you shine?
The storms don’t last.

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