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33 Hilarious Photoshop Fails

Hilarious Photoshop Fails

Imagine being that ripped you defy physics!

And your point is?

Hilarious Photoshop Fails

Dont need men, dont need straight walls

Hilarious Fails

You gotta look carefully

amazing skills

photoshop gives background articles superpowers

Now you cant unsee it right

the reason why its so hard to date in this generation



The pic you send to your crush vs the one you send to your friend

Not photoshop but posing can be just as deceiving


Not everyone is actually having a good time

Unplanned video calls are not cute!

Nope, I dont see it…

The only photoshop that is okay

All about the angles

If you can’t get a IRL girlfriend, why not a virtual long distance girlfriend!!

Dont wanna be around when she exhales

The cutest photoshop

When you see it… LOL

for sure

When youre a retired car racer…

def convincing

The best life hack LOL


even walls want curves too

Def a Tsunami coming

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