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33 Quotes for Authenticity, Perseverance and Hope

Quote Arent WillingIt’s easy to complain, hard to work. Do the work.
Quote Be So Full That EvenBe so much.
Quote Embrace UncertaintyAnd that’s the amazing thing about life.
Quote Green Grass FakeThings can be deceiving.
Quote Hard Work Puts You WhereThat’s it.
Quote Laugh When You CanJust be.
Quote Make Sure You DoIt’s fun to do so!

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Quote Ordinary If CarefulWho wants that?
Quote Set Goals Say PrayersWork hard!
Quote So Many PeopleThey’re outnumbered.
Quote Take Chances YoungAmazing stories!
Quote Today All You AreDo it.
Quote When It FeelsYou just have to jump.
Quote Decisions Are MadeDid you show up?
Quote Be Person You Want To HaveBe that for someone else.
Quote Are You LivingThere’s a big difference.
Quote Remind YourselfYou can never.
Quote Stop Hating YourselfIt’s much easier.
Quote Ability To ListenAre you ready?
Quote Let It EvolveYou can’t worry it into existence or evolution so why try?
Quote My To Do ListKeep to it.
Quote BeginnerEveryone does.
Quote Here Goes NothingSo fun though, right?
Quote Friends MannersDo you have them?
Quote Whats On Your MindWhat do you want to see?
Quote Hang In ThereTry not to worry.
Quote Impossible UntriedHave you tried it?
Quote Happiness SneaksHow sneaky it is sometimes.
Quote Smallest StopTake it.
Quote 5 Reminder You totally do!
Quote Where Youre From ValidDon’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Quote Winner LoserKeep trying.
Quote Live Not YesterdayIt’s better that way.

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