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When a tiny horse was discovered wandering the streets, no one knew what had happened to it previously. The only thing they knew was how traumatized it had been. For a long while, the horse refused to let anyone near it, until one smiley pup managed to get her to open up.

20. Molly

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

Meet Molly, the golden retriever. Molly happens to be an incredibly empathetic pup that loves to help out those in need. In fact, it happens to be what she does best!

19. Living Situation

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

Molly lives on a farm with her mom, Darlene Kindle. Kindle happens to be the founder of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance (CERA). This rescue takes in sick and abandoned horses and rehabilitates them.

18. Big Helper

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Image: animal channel

Throughout many of Kindle’s rescues, Molly has stayed nearby and helped out in the best ways that she could. This gift certainly came in handy when Kindle brought in one extremely emaciated horse that was in horrible shape.

17. A Horse

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Image: animal channel

In August 2018, Kindle brought over a terribly emaciated miniature silver dapple horse named Sammie. Sammie was first discovered by animal control because he was wandering the streets all on his own around South Carolina.

16. Vet Visit

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Image: animal channel

Sammie was in terrible shape when he was finally brought to a vet’s office. The poor horse was absolutely exhausted and incredibly underweight. The horse only weighed 100 pounds when it was first brought to the office.

15. A lot Of Help

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Image: animal channel

It was going to take a lot of time, money, and energy to help Sammie regain weight and get better. However, animal control wasn’t able to dedicate all of that to one horse. That’s when the vet suggested bringing the horse over to Kindle’s rescue.

14. Will To Live

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

The vet immediately called Kindle’s line and asked her if she was willing to take in the horse. The first thing she asked was whether the horse appeared to have a will to live, to which the vet said yes. Kindle immediately agreed.

13. Friendly Horse

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

As soon as Sammie got to the rescue, Kindle bathed him and fed him. Even though he had been through so much trauma, Sammie was still incredibly friendly and actually quite calm.

12. Introductions

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Image: animal channel

Once Sammie had finally settled into his surroundings, Kindle felt it was time to introduce him to Molly. As expected, Molly was incredibly happy to meet Sammie and was instantly friendly toward him. However, Kindle had no idea how Sammie would react.

11. Sammie’s Reaction

Screen Shot 2018 08 20 At 10.59.39 Pm

Image: facebook/cera rescue

What was Sammie’s reaction? Well, at first, the horse didn’t seem to want to interact with anybody. However, Molly’s sweet energy immediately captivated Sammie and he fell in love right away!

10. Comforted

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

A few days later, Molly headed over to the stall where Sammie had been staying and wanted to comfort him. The interaction was so sweet that Kindle decided to film it and put it up on Facebook for fans to see!

9. Facebook Post

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

The post instantly went viral and received over 500,000 views! Everyone was enamored by the sweet interaction shared between the two of them. “I have to tell all of you never in a million years did I expect this little video to have so much popularity,” Darlene wrote on Facebook.

8. Great Job

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Image: animal channel

“Molly truly has an exceptional sense of knowing when one of the animals doesn’t feel good or sad. She very gently introduces herself. This is her job and she is very good at it as you can see.”

7. Stronger Bond

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Image: animal channel

Over the next few weeks, the bond between Sammie and Molly only grew stronger. Sammie also began to get better and better. He was finally eating and gaining a great deal of weight.

6. Another Vet Visit

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

Eventually, Kindle brought Sammie for another vet visit. At the vet’s, Sammie was treated for some dental issues and a problem with his hind leg. However, after his visit, Sammie was doing better than ever.

5. Daily Improvements

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

“Sam continues to improve every day. His personality is still a love bug. His appetite is great as he continues to drink plenty of water,” Kindle wrote on Facebook.

4. Greeter Techniques

Screen Shot 2018 08 20 At 11.22.05 Pm

Image: facebook/cera rescue

“Molly has taught Sam her Walmart greeter techniques. Every time someone walks in the barn he gives them the cutest whinny,” Darlene wrote on Facebook.

3. Still Friends

Screen Shot 2018 08 20 At 11.26.44 Pm

Image: facebook/cera rescue

Despite getting better each day, Molly and Sammie have kept their friendship going strong. After all, Molly was there for Sammie during some of his darkest days. Their friendship has undergone a lot.

2. Fun Walks

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Image: facebook/cera rescue

The pair even goes out on fun walks together through the pasture at the farm. At one point, Molly tugged a bit too hard on the lead rope, but Sammie didn’t seem to mind at all! He was just happy to be out with his pal.

1. Beautiful Friendship

Screen Shot 2018 08 20 At 11.29.56 Pm

Image: facebook/cera rescue

It is amazing that such a beautiful friendship was able to blossom out of such a terrible situation. Now Sammie is living a wonderful life at the rescue with his very best pal, Molly.

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