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When one cyclist was out for a ride in his neighborhood, he came across something that would change his life forever. There, in the middle of the road, was a tiny kitten and it was running toward the cyclist for help. The man immediately decided that he had to help and you won’t believe what happened after he did!

20. Cyclist

Image: Bespoke Turkey

Going out for a bike ride is a great way to get some exercise and be outdoors. When one cyclist decided to go out for a ride, he never expected to run into a needy animal. However, that’s exactly what happened.

19. Turkey

Image: Cycling Silk

Özgür Nevres is a cyclist that lives in Turkey. For the past two weeks, Nevres has been heading out for a routine bicycle riding routine. He had a huge plan that he was attempting to accomplish.

18. Daily Routine


As part of his daily routine, Nevres would head out to the airport and then ride his bike back to the Bosphorus University campus where he works. While on his ride, Nevres decided to do something different.

17. Landing Planes

Image: Middle Eat Green Buildings

Once he reached the airport, Nevres was blown away by all of the planes landing on the strip. He decided to get off his bike and start to take photos of all of the planes which he wrote about on his blog.

16. Taking Photos

Image: Hotelier Middle East

When I reached the airport, which is around 50km from home, I stopped to take photos of the landing planes,” Nevres wrote on his blog. As Nevres was taking photos, he heard an unusual sound coming from the distance.

15. Looking Around


Nevres continued to hear the sound and he soon recognized it as a soft meow. He could tell that it was coming from near-by, so he started to look around. That’s when he spotted a tiny kitten crying all by itself.

14. Adorable Kitten

Image: Lotto the Cat

I looked around and saw an adorable tabby kitten running towards me, crying. She was around four weeks old and was looking very hungry,” he wrote. “I couldn’t leave her there.”

13. Far Away

Image: Daily Mail

The small kitten was far away from all of the residential areas and away from many of the stores in the area. Nevres had wanted to go off and get the kitten something to eat, but realistically he couldn’t without losing track of her. So he decided on a different method.

12. Crying For Help


“She was crying for help… I decided to carry her to the Bosphorus University,” he wrote. Nevres was worried that the kitten might attempt to run away, but he figured it was a better strategy than leaving her all alone.

11. Securing Her

Image: Love Meow

So Nevres hopped on his bike and secured the kitten into his jersey. Then he began to slowly pedal toward the university. He made sure not to make any abrupt moves in order to keep the kitten safe.

10. Not Scared

Image: YouTube

Amazingly, she wasn’t scared. She even enjoyed the journey. She stuck her head out of my jersey and started watching around,” he wrote. Nevres recorded the journey on video and later uploaded it onto YouTube!

9. Happy Kitten

Image: YouTube

In the video, you can clearly see the kitten’s head popping out of the cyclist’s jersey. She appeared to be quite content and happy to be in the arms of her savior! Finally, the two of them reached the campus grounds.

8. Feeding Her

Image: YouTube

Once the two of them reached the campus, Nevres quickly went to get the kitten something to eat. She appeared to be absolutely famished and she was so happy to finally be fed. However, there was still another issue at hand!

7. Forever Home

Image: YouTube

Nevres immediately knew that he would have to work to find the adorable kitten a forever home so she would no longer have to worry about food or shelter. So the next day he began to research homes for the kitten. Soon enough, he managed to find a perfect family!

6. Perfect Family


In a few hours, I received a phone call. Long story short, this adorable little kitten now has a loving family,” he wrote. Nevres was so happy to have found a family where the kitten will be loved and taken care of!

5. Wonderful Rescuer


Believe it or not, but this isn’t the first animal rescue that Nevres has managed to rescue.  He has actually gone out of his way to rescue tons of neighborhood cats in the area. Nevres is more than happy to provide them with food and shelter until he can find them forever homes.

4. Lots of Animals

Image: Love Meow

There are a lot of cats (and also dogs) in the Bosphorus University. They sometimes come to our office as a guest, and I do whatever I can to make them happy and fed,” he wrote. Nevres also loves to blog about his rescue adventures.

3. Blogger


Nevres manages the blog There he writes about his various rescues and updates locals on how the cats are doing. Everyone loves to keep up on the stories!

2. Good Man


Nevres is quite a spectacular person for going out of his way to rescue the poor kitten that he found at the airport. He could have easily looked the other way, but instead he chose to save the sweet kitten’s life.

1. A New Home

Image: YouTube

The kitten is now happy and in a new and loving home. Thanks to Nevres this sweet kitten no longer has to worry about surviving. She will be taken care of and loved forever!

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