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Life is full of challenges we didn’t ask for but it’s in our hands to persist and fight back, demanding our right for a good and long life. Meet Scooter, a kitten that was born with a feet deformity and was abandoned in the streets, lonely and sick. His will to survive will inspire you.

20. A Lonely Kitten

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It was a warm Sunday morning when someone spotted a lonely kitten wandering in the streets outside her house. It was made clear from the beginning that the kitten had something special as his way of walking was extraordinarily weird.

19. Scooter!


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The kitten had a name : Scooter! The adorable kitten was living in the streets for some months until someone noticed it. Scooter appeared to have something special: His feet were turned inwards and the poor kitten had to walk on the sides of his little arms.

18. Picked Up


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The good Samaritan who found Scooter picked him up, washed him, and immediately provided him with food. Moments later she observed his feet and realized that he needed more than she could offer. It was time to employ the experts!

17. She Called “Here Kitty Kitty Rescue”

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The woman was aware of a group that was taking care of kittens and decided to call them. They were called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue and they were based in Elkhart, Indiana, rescuing, taking care of and adopting kittens from all over the state. To put it in their own words. “HKKR is dedicated to rescuing the lives of abandoned and homeless cats and kittens in Elkhart, Indiana and finding them a forever home”, as their Facebook page states.

16. They Responded!

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The woman hoped that Here Kitty Kitty Rescue would offer Scooter an appropriate environment and medical care as well as the possibility of ever finding his forever home. Fortunately, Here Kitty Kitty Rescue responded in seconds and agreed to come pick up Scooter!

15. Moved By Scooter


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When the team of HKKR came to pick up Scooter, they were moved by his bravery and will to fight for his life. As it turned out the little kitten had some major deformities in his front teeth that were most likely developed in his mother’s wound. Despite all of this, Scooter never lost his energy and always demanded to live his life well. Click next to see what happened when he got his first cuddle in ages!

14. Purred Like Crazy

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When the team gave Scooter his first cuddle in a really long time, the little kitten purred like crazy! He was so happy someone was finally paying attention and caring for him. The rescuers said he was most likely abandoned after his birth. We don’t know how he survived outside for five weeks, but Scooter has an amazing will to live,” Here Kitty Kitty Rescue shared.


13. Eye Infection

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Except for his feet deformities Scooter also had an eye infection that impeded his ability to see clearly. It was obvious he needed to be examined further. Before that though, the team offered Scooter some toys and a dozen cuddles in order for him to relax as well as further trust the team. He loved everything!

12. In The Vet

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After hours in the vet’s office, Scooter had his blood tested and multiple x-rays taken. The poor kitten was so exhausted with all the examinations that he comfortably fell asleep inside the hug of his rescuer.

11. Resutls

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“It looks like Scooter was born with shortened or tightened ligaments/muscles on both his front feet”, the vet said. This is what caused his feet to turn in and make him walk funny,” the vet said. The vet added that because Scooter had to walk like this for a long time his feet turned more inwards than was expected.

10. The Plan From Now On

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To everyone’s good luck, Scooter may have some chances of walking almost normally again! The team was surprised and very excited to be with Scooter in his long road of recovery. The doctor said that he had to start physical therapy on his legs and step by step learning how to use them properly.

9. Lot’s Of Stretching

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Scooter would need to do lots of stretches as well as specifically targeted exercises in order to learn how to use his feet normally. If everything would go well, he may have a chance to qualify for a special surgery that could completely restore his ability to walk!

8. Recovery And Therapy+


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As time was passing by Scooter’s recovery and therapy continued without problems. Seven weeks in, Scooter had already reached one whole pound! He was still a tiny kitten for his age but as adorable as a kitten can be!

7. Enjoying His Life

Scooter The Kitten

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The worst days had passed for Scooter who appeared to be more energetic than ever. The little kitten started to socialize and play with the other cats at the shelter, making friends. He finally started to enjoy life!

6. He Got Adopted

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Not much time had passed when Here Kitty Kitty Rescue found a forever home for Scooter! A couple completely fell in love with Scooter and decided to adopt him! “Scooter is doing great in his foster home. He has joined rescue momma Avery and her four babies,” Here Kitty Kitty Rescue said.

5. He Loved His New Home

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Scooter loved his new home and managed to quickly become best friends with the cats that were adopted before him! His therapy and recovery was continuing normally and he seemed to be extremely excited and was feeling loved.

4. Never Alone Again

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His new mum knew that Scooter could endure and fight everything, but he couldn’t stay alone even for a bit! The little kitten was so afraid to be abandoned again that the other kittens in his new home were always snuggling with him. We’re sure that he never felt alone again!

3. Scooter’s Still Walks Differently

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As it appeared, Scooter wouldn’t go to the hospital for the surgery. Even though he still walked differently, his therapy and exercise helped him a lot. He could rely on his feet once again, walking, running and playing all the time!

2. Recovered

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Months later, Scooter seemed to be perfectly healthy! He stopped taking his antibiotics as his infection was completely cured and he was eating so well he gained a couple of pounds in no time!

1. Continues Fighting

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Scooter receives up to this day physical therapy for his legs but things are becoming better. He’s extremely happy and his lonely days in the streets are far in the past. He is a happy, healthy and special kitten!




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