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Cats are truly precious animals, however, sometimes their curiosity can get the best of them. This happened to be the case with one scared kitten when it got stuck in the middle of a busy road. When one biker overheard the kitten’s cries he knew he had to act fast to rescue the scared animal!

20. Traffic

Image: The Animal Rescue Site

Is there anything worse than getting caught in traffic? However, imagine what it would be like if you weren’t inside of a car and instead were a small a defenseless creature. Pretty scary, huh?

19. Exact Situation

Image: The Animal Rescue Site

Well, that’s exactly the situation that one small and defenseless kitten found itself in. The kitten was scared and all alone. Without some help, this poor kitten would be absolutely doomed.

18. Biker

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

Christian Crehencia, 30, was on his bike heading back home when he got caught in the middle of some pretty bad traffic. It was a busy road in the middle of Manila, Philippines, and Crehencia was pretty used to the roads being this way.

17. Strange Movements

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

As Crehencia sat in the traffic he began to notice something odd. In the corner of his eye, he could see something quickly darting around. At first, he didn’t pay it much mind.

16. Still Moving

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

However, it soon became almost impossible for the biker to ignore. Soon, whatever it was darted underneath the wheels of a silver 4×4. That’s when Crehencia noticed what it was.

15. Small Kitten

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

Soon, Crehencia realized what the moving object was. It was a tiny and scared kitten that was trying to make its way out of the traffic. Unfortunately, the kitten positioned itself in the worst place possible.

14. Quick Thinking

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

Crehencia knew that he had to act fast in a situation like this one. After all, he couldn’t just idly sit back and allow the poor kitten to be squished underneath the tires of the car. Crehencia did what he had to do!

13. Alerting The Driver

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

While still on his bike, Crehencia motioned to gain the attention of the driver of the 4×4. The driver saw that Crehencia was motioning to him and asked the biker what was up. Crehencia alerted the driver to the situation.

12. Aware

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

Once the driver of the 4×4 was made aware of what was going on, he knew not to move his vehicle. Then Crehencia did the unbelievable!

11. All Fours

Image: Unilad

Once Crehencia had successfully alerted the driver, he knew that the next thing to do would be to remove the kitten from the traffic. Crehencia got off his bike and quickly got on all fours to be able to reach the kitten under the car.

10. Pulled Out

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

In the middle of a busy road in the Philippines, Crehencia was crawling on the road in search of a poor kitten. Eventually, he caught sight of the kitten and managed to pull it out from under the car.

9. Scooped Up

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

Crehencia scooped the little kitten up in his arms. He quickly walked back over to his bike and hopped on. The kitten, however, had the most amazing reaction!

8. Kitten’s Reaction

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

As soon as the kitten was wrapped up in Crehencia’s arms, it began to snuggle up to him. The kitten was obviously grateful to its savior. Crehencia also felt a very close bond with the kitten he had just rescued.

7. Back Home

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

With the kitten wrapped up safely in his arms, Crehencia started his bike up again and began to head back home. Crehencia explained he was grateful he was in the right place at the right time.

6. Timing

Image: YouTube/Newsflare

“I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time when the cat needed help. I noticed the kitten in the road and she was just a few inches from the wheels of the jeep. If I hadn’t been there she might have been knocked over and killed by one of the passing vehicles,” Crehencia said.

5. Future Plans

Image: Love Meow

So what happened to the kitten after she was brought to Crehencia’s house? Would he adopt her? Well, the answer may surprise you.

4. Adopted

Image: Love Meow

“I would have loved to have adopted her but I have a newborn baby at home who is allergic to fur so we have given the cat to a neighbor. I will check up on her to make sure she is well.”

3. Common Occurrence


Living in the Philippines, Crehencia states it is not uncommon to see a lot of stray animals in the streets. Although he does see a lot of them in the city, he knew that in a situation like this one he couldn’t have just driven away.

2. New Home


Since the rescue, Crehencia has named the kitten Baby. Baby is now happily living life with Crehencia’s neighbor. The poor kitten is no longer struggling on the streets!

1. Lucky Kitten

Image: Love Meow

Baby was incredibly lucky that someone as amazing as Crehencia noticed her and saved her from a life on the streets. Now Baby no longer has to worry about getting stuck in traffic ever again.

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