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Too bad the average Ford Raptor didn’t come from the factory built like the MegaRaptor.

All thanks to Jeremy Dixon and his dedicated team at F250R, finally there are a bunch of modded Ford trucks for men to gawk at. I mean, you can stare at these beauties in the headlights to get a feel of raw engine power, high-grade Michelins, Black Leather interiors and so much more. Driving around in a MegaRaptor is a true privilege for Ford fans who appreciate a modder’s hard work when they see it.

Raptors with a Cause!

Modding the F150 and F250’s is one of many ways for Dixon to pay homage to U.S Marines. It is not easy to collect parts, and especially when someone sends a request for customizing a Ford F250 right down to the last nut n’ bolt, things can get a little harsh. Sure, getting an F250 is easy because customers happily ship them to Jeremy at his workshop, but getting the aluminum rims (MRAP – Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) is the real deal.

The MRAP units come from military vehicles that are usually “decommissioned” after serving their time with the boys on the battlefield. Often, these vehicles are stripped down to their skeletal structure, while their parts are sent all across the U.S. to private or government organizations for further use.

Jeremy considers himself fortunate to have access to MRAP units whenever needed. Most of these rims come scarred, showing the aftermath of battles that they have been assisting their drivers through. Such units are reserved for customers with military background only. It is Jeremy’s way of honoring the soldiers who risk everything to safeguard our country’s interest.

Anyone who knows a bit about F250R history knows why this company is so unique.

Megaraptor 46 Inch Tires F250R 402

Take a look at some of the main highlights of the F250 MegaRaptor:

  • The MegaRaptor Features 46’’ Michelin Military Radial Tires.
  • Full Exterior and Interior Overhaul as per customer request. Interior changes involve installation of black leather covers, optional Lariat Ultimate Package, Speedometer Calibration, etc.
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Raptor Style body modding.
  • MRAP 20’’ Authentic Military Rims.
  • Amp Research Power Side Steps and Lights.
  • Custom Built Grill/ Front Bumper.

The standard MegaRaptor is an overhaul of the F250 series Ford Trucks. However, owners of the F150 and the Ford SuperDuty 350 can go for the Raptor core or the SuperRaptor mod. All the factory fitted stock components & main parts are removed and replaced with custom designed components. Usually, there is a long waiting list at F250R mod-shop.

Megaraptor 46 Inch Tires F250R Hood

To secure a spot, customers have to deposit $1,000 as a security token. The experts at F250R, later on, send an estimate of the total accrued cost to the car owner. Half of this amount has to be deposited at the time of sending in the vehicle for a customization job. It typically takes somewhere around 2 – 3 months for the entire project to come to fruition.

Megaraptor 46 Inch Tires F250R 401

However, as the proud owners of brand new MegaRaptors say, the wait is worth it. The guys at F250R also offer extra features as per the customer’s individual request. Some people ask for custom exhausts/ exhaust tips, spare tire carrier, and a different headlight style to take it all to the next level of inspiration. These requests are fulfilled at a slightly extra cost. However, F250R is always appreciated on a job well done, and customers happily pay for these charges.

Take A Look At This truck

The F250 MegaRaptors are hailed for their strong build and taller tires. The tire height offers more clearance, hence giving more room for movement across uneven terrain. If you are looking to drive around in a Ford truck that’s made to reflect your unique persona, the Raptor series mod might just be the thing for you.



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