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When this Husky mix first came into the world he was born with his two front legs deformed. It was basically impossible for him to walk around like a normal dog. Life was hard for this Husky mix until one day a miracle occurred. Thanks to modern science this pup has been given an unbelievable second chance at life.

20. Derby

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Meet Derby, an adorable and sweet Husky mix dog. Derby was born with a deformation of his front two legs.

19. Leg Deformation

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Image: 3dprint. Com

Derby was born with no front paws and small deformed front legs. This meant that Derby was unable to walk and move around like other dogs. The poor pup was forced to crawl around at most.

18. Injuries

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Image: dogtime. Com

Since Derby was forced to crawl around, this left him susceptible to a lot of cuts and injuries. He was living his life out at a shelter and things were pretty tough for him.

17. Rescued

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Then, one day, Derby was rescued by Peace and Paws, an organization that takes in stray or unwanted pets from shelters across the country. Finally, things were looking a bit better for the pup.

16. No Home

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Even though Derby was out of the shelter system, he still didn’t have a home to call his own. This greatly impacted the poor pup as he really needed care and affection to improve his well-being.

15. A Visit

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Image: youtube/3d systems

One day, a woman by the name of Tara Anderson had come in to look at a specific dog to adopt. Tara happens to work for 3D Systems, a company that has pioneered 3D printer technology. As soon as she saw Derby, she fell in love with him.

14. Constant Thoughts

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Image: youtube/3d systems

After meeting Derby and hearing all about his story, Tara couldn’t get him out of her mind. She continued to think about him a lot and eventually, she knew she had to go back for him!

13. Foster Mom

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Tara went back and agreed to foster Derby until someone was willing to adopt him. The more time Tara spent with Derby the more she wanted to help him out. She began to figure out ways to help get him mobile.

12. Trial Attempt

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Image: youtube/3d systems

The first solution that Tara came up with was to get Derby a nice set of wheels to help him move around. While it seemed like a good option in the beginning, having a set of wheels wasn’t the easiest way for Derby to move around.

11. New Solutions

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Image: youtube/3d systems

It was obvious to Tara that the wheels weren’t going to cut it. She refused to give up so easily so she began to look into other newer and better solutions. “I had to try and help this dog,” Tara said.

10. An Idea

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Since Tara happens to work with 3D-printed products, she decided to gather up some of her co-workers and think of a new plan. She figured that they could all put their heads together to come up with a prosthetic leg for Derby.

9. Building It

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Image: youtube/3d systems

“Having these images on file and being able to print them is a lot easier than having to hand sculpt every single mold and rebuild these braces five or 10 times,” said Derrick Campana, an ABC certified orthotist with Animal Ortho Care. So the process began.

8. First Prosthetics

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Image: dogtime. Com

Derby got his first set of prosthetics. However, there was still a problem. “It was like he had balloons on his elbows. He was just flopping them out to the side, like, “I don’t really know what you want me to do here.” It was watching him, and going, “Well, that design doesn’t work. Next one!” Tara said.

7. New Design

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Image: dogtime. Com

So the team came up with a brand new design for Derby’s prosthetics. Finally, it was time for Derby to test out the newer and better-improved version. You won’t believe how it went!

6. New & Improved

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Image: dogtime. Com

The new prosthetics that were given to Derby were a great improvement from the last ones. Derby was lifted up higher off the ground which allowed his back to straighten. This made walking so much easier for him.

5. Selective Lasers

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Thanks to the use of selective lasers, they were able to build Derby a pair of prosthetics that acted like real legs. They would even bounce and have flexibility just like an actual knee would.

4. New Parents

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Image: youtube/3d systems

While this was all going on, Derby had caught the eye of a woman named Sherry Portanova. Sherry immediately fell in love with Derby and knew that she wanted him to be a part of her family forever.

3. So Happy

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Sherry is incredibly happy for Derby and has noticed a huge difference in his ability to walk since changing from wheels to prosthetics. “It raised him up to his proper height. Now he’s walking in a straight line and he’s sitting like a real dog sits, which he’s never been able to do,” Sherry said.

2. Runner

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Now with his new prosthetic, Derby can even outrun his new adoptive parents. He loves to take walks and run around and just enjoy life.

1. Wonderful People

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Image: youtube/3d systems

Thanks to the miracles of science and all of the wonderful people dedicated to the cause, Derby is now able to walk and enjoy life like a regular dog. It is amazing what teamwork can accomplish!



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