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One Final Request

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Imagine if you only had months left to live. What would you want to experience in your last moments? For one woman, it wasn’t traveling around the world or meeting her celebrity crush. In fact, it was something much more humble—a milkshake.

A Love for Life

Milkshake Shipped Across Us To Grant Dying Womans Wish

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When Emily Pomeranz was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she never let the news dampen her love for life or spunky spirit. Knowing this wasn’t a battle she was going to win, Emily made it her mission to remain positive regardless of her grim fate.

Two Last Wishes

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Residing in hospice care in Arlington, Virginia, Emily was visited by her childhood friend Sam Klein. Reminiscing about the good ‘ole days, Sam asked what she wanted before she died. For Emily, the answer was easy: a Cleveland Indians hat and a mocha milkshake from her favorite eatery in her hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

The Infamous Tommy’s Milkshake


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If there was one thing that said “home” to Emily, it was a mocha milkshake from Tommy’s Restaurant. Despite saying she wanted the milkshake as a joke, her friend Seth decided to make it his mission for her dying wish to become a reality.

A Long, Long Drive

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Unfortunately, the restaurant was over 375 miles away, which was a little over a six-hour drive. Seth thought he might be able to get the milkshake back to Emily intact with a big cooler of ice and driving with the AC on full blast, although it wouldn’t be the most convenient way to do it.

An Unexpected Request

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Seth decided to reach out to the owner of the restaurant, Tommy Fello, inquiring if he might be able to help his dying friend. He didn’t expect a response; however, the restaurant offered up a shocking solution.

The Milkshake Mission

Milkshake Shipped Across Us To Grant Dying Womans Wish 1

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When the owner, Tommy Fello read the email, he was shocked and unsure if he could fulfill the request.  “I didn’t know if I could make it happen, but I told him that I’d try to work something out. I really didn’t want to get his hopes up.”

An Awesome Idea

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After thinking it through, Fello came up with an idea that would keep the milkshake frozen and maintain the quality of flavor. He decided to put the milkshake into a package of dry ice and overnight it to the hospice in Arlington. While there was no guarantee it would arrive intact, he figured it was the best shot.

The Perfect Package

The Feast Milkshakes

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Thankfully, the plan worked like a charm. The next day, Emily received a package that would give her the surprise (and a laugh) of her life. It was the delicious mocha chocolate shake she had been craving all that time. Would it taste the same?

A Great Surprise

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According to her friend Seth, he received a call from Emily when she received the chocolate, mocha goodness. “She said, ‘I know you’re behind this, a Tommy’s mocha milkshake just arrived!’ ” Seth remembers that Emily let out her iconic laugh, something she was known for that was contagious and filled with love and joy.

The Peaceful Goodbye

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Sadly, Emily died two days later. A few days after her death, Seth found a photograph of Emily with her milkshake and felt that the world should know how amazing Tommy’s Restaurant was in bringing his good friend joy.

Sharing Emily’s Story

Mokka Shake

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Seth shared the photo on Facebook, telling Emily’s story. However, what happened next would be the biggest surprise of all and warm his heart.

Social Media Blitz

Tommy Fello

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The post of Emily and her milkshake went viral! Fello told PEOPLE, “When I saw the picture with Emily with the milkshake with a giant smile on her face, I’ll tell you, I never had such a feeling in my life. I couldn’t imagine how happy somebody could be just from getting one of our shakes. The shakes are good, but they’re not that good!”

A World of Kindness

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Since the post spread like wildfire across social media platforms, both Seth and Fello find themselves comforted by the many messages from strangers across the globe. Not only did their kindness provide a dying woman with one last taste of life, but it inspired millions in the process.

Loving Life After Death

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“Emily always wanted to be famous and she would think this is the coolest thing, she would just love that,” Seth told PEOPLE. “I’m so glad she’s getting notoriety now for being a good person.”

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