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Sometimes nature can really surprise us. For example, did you ever think you’d live to see the day a band of monkeys came together to save a leopard from drowning?! Well, that’s exactly what happened in India. You won’t believe how these genius monkeys figured out their plan!

20. India

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 1.52.47 Pm

Image: lonely planet

Our story takes place in India, where macaque monkeys are found all around. Macaques are known as Old World monkeys and not only are they adorable but they’re super smart too!

19. Video Footage

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 1.53.36 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

Recently, video footage of a group of macaque monkeys getting into a sticky situation caught everyone’s attention. You won’t believe how these monkeys put their heads together to solve a huge problem!

18. Playing Around

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 1.57.42 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

The video starts off showing the macaque monkeys playing around in a dusty outdoor area. The monkeys were having a great time hanging out on what appears to be a rooftop. No one thought anything of it.

17. Strange Discovery

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 1.56.55 Pm

Image: shareably

Suddenly, the macaque monkey’s attention is diverted to another area. Their playful demeanor quickly changes as they make a strange discovery.

16. Rushing Over

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 1.55.58 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

The monkeys quickly rushed over to a nearby well. They sat near the edge and began to peer down into it. What was so interesting about the inside of a well that had caught their attention?!

15. Two Monkeys

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 1.51.46 Pm

Image: shareably

Two monkeys, in particular, kept looking down into the well. Then one of them lifted up his head in confusion. He seemed incredibly worried by what he saw.

14. Attention

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 1.58.56 Pm

Image: shareably

The strange behavior displayed by the monkeys quickly caught the attention of some local men. The men were most likely working on some construction nearby and noticed the monkey’s odd behavior.

13. Alert

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.00.08 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

One of the men walked over to the well and began to look down. He quickly saw the problem and called over the other men to see what was going on. You won’t believe what it was that he saw!

12. Unbelievable Sight

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.01.02 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

So what did the men see? There, at the bottom of the well, was a beautiful leopard. However, the leopard’s life was in serious danger.

11. A Leopard

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.03.34 Pm

Image: shareably

The leopard was in the midst of drowning. It was incredibly dark down in the well and the leopard had barely any room to move around. Time was of the essence in a situation like this.

10. Unsure

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.02.27 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

No one was exactly sure how the leopard had managed to fall down into the well. After all, an animal as graceful as a leopard most likely wouldn’t be clumsy. However, accidents do happen.

9. Calling For Help

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.04.50 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

The men knew that they wouldn’t be able to rescue a grown leopard all by themselves. They quickly phoned animal services to come help out.

8. Rescue Team

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.06.28 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

A rescue team quickly arrived on the scene! The rescue team knew that they had a challenge ahead of them. However, even though leopards are prone to attack they knew they couldn’t let her drown.

7. Avoiding Eye Contact

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.05.38 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

The rescue team made sure to avoid direct eye contact with the leopard as they often take that as a challenge. The first step the men took was to drop a ladder down into the well. Then lots of shouting can be heard as they figure out the next step.

6. Long Rescue

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.07.48 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

According to forest ranger Devendra Singh Rathore., the rescue operation “lasted about an hour.” In the midst of all of the shouting, something unbelievable happens. The leopard is able to escape the well!

5. Running Away

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.08.32 Pm

Image: shareably

The leopard had managed to escape with the help of the ladder. In the video, you can see the leopard running out and heading off into the nearby woods. It was a successful mission after all.

4. Celebrating

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.09.20 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

The men in the video can be seen celebrating amongst themselves. As the leopard runs off into the woods you can see a small dog running away too! It seems that the poor pup thought that he might be the leopard’s lunch.

3. Recording

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.10.51 Pm

Image: youtube/daily trends

If the men hadn’t recorded the situation this wonderful event would have never been seen by so many people. It would be hard to even believe that this sort of rescue even happened in the first place!

2. Intelligent Monkeys

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.12.27 Pm

Image: discover magazine blogs

Thanks to the intelligent macaque monkeys, the leopard was able to be spotted and helped. Their natural curiosity for life is what gave this leopard a second chance at life!

1. Heartwarming

Screen Shot 2018 08 08 At 2.20.39 Pm

Image: daily mail

It is truly heartwarming to see people and animals coming together to rescue another animal in need. Now, the leopard is happily living her life back out in the woods.

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