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Being abused can leave a lingering negative impact on any living creature. This is especially true with dogs. When a sweet Greyhound mix was rescued, she was in horrible shape. She would constantly stare at a wall and no one could figure out why. Then one day they found out the shocking reason why.

20. Abusive Pound

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In Ireland, there was an abusive pound that was treating its animals terribly. That’s where animal rescuers came across a Greyhound mix named Angel.

19. Terrified

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Angel was absolutely terrified of humans when animal rescuers first got to her. PAWS, the animal rescue organization, weren’t expecting such a reaction out of Angel. They knew they had to get her out of there immediately.

18. Rescued

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Angel was finally rescued and brought out of the terrible pound. They brought Angel back to the organization. The animal rescuers thought that Angel would finally calm down once she was out of the pound.

17. Still Anxious

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However, Angel was still incredibly anxious even at the organization’s home base. She was terrified and didn’t want to be around any humans. However, she also had another nervous tick that no one could understand.

16. Staring Away

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Not only was Angel not at ease, but she was also shivering out of fear. The dog was terrified of all humans and she would just sit and stare away at the wall. This continued on for days.

15. Days

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Day after day, Angel would follow the same routine. She would sit in isolation and just stare at the wall. Animal rescuers were beginning to grow worried…

14. Attempts

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The shelter workers tried everything to get Angel to calm down and trust them. They eventually tried to win her over with some delicious food! However, even that didn’t work.

13. Wasted Efforts

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No matter what the shelter workers did, it didn’t seem to work. To top it off, Angel would only eat her food if no one was around to watch her. If someone came into the room she would quickly go back to facing the wall.

12. Out of Ideas

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The animal rescuers were quickly starting to run out of ideas. No matter what they did they couldn’t seem to bring Angel out of her shell. Then they thought of an entirely different angle!

11. New Idea

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Finally, the animal rescue workers came up with a genius new plan! They thought that maybe Angel would do better if they brought another dog into the picture. So they headed back to the pound where they rescued Angel.

10. New Rescue

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At the pound, the animal rescuers were able to rescue another dog from there. The dog they rescued was named Cliff and they soon introduced him to Angel. So did it help Angel out?

9. New Companion

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It seems that the shelter staff finally figured out the key ingredient to helping out Angel. Once she was introduced to Cliff her entire demeanor changed. It was shocking to everyone.

8. Guard Down

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Finally, Angel was letting her guard down and animal rescue workers were so relieved. Angel and Cliff immediately hit it off. In fact, rescue workers had a theory surrounding the pair.

7. Siblings

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Image: honest to paws

Angel and Cliff happened to look very much alike in many ways. Animal rescue workers then theorized that the pair were related. They could quite possibly have been siblings.

6. Progressing

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With Cliff by her side, Angel was able to progress much more quickly. Before she refused to budge on anything or interact with anyone. Things started to change.

5. 6 Months

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In just 6 months time, Angel was a brand new dog. Her wonderful personality was shining through and she was no longer timid and scared. Then things got even better!

4. The Couple

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A couple that had just lost their two dogs were looking for a new dog to fill the void in their hearts. That’s when the couple came across Angel and immediately fell in love with her.

3. Adopted

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The couple knew that they had to take Angel back home with them. They immediately told animal rescue workers that they wanted to adopt Angel. Then they brought her home.

How is Angel doing now?

2. Happier Than Ever

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The couple reports that Angel has never been happier. She has been enjoying life in her new forever home so much. She is a joy to have around.

1. Second Chance

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Thanks to PAWS, Angel was given an extraordinary second chance at life. She once started off as a timid and scared dog and has since transformed into a friendly and loving pet.


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