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The trend of gender reveals or pregnancy announcements with new parents hasn’t wavered and some people have made some elaborate displays of announcing their new child-to-be. One Missouri couple took the big reveal to a whole new level.

9. A Smiling Couple

Facebook Reveal

Image: facebook infinite smiles photography

Kennedy Christine and Jacob Terry were expecting a new family member, and like many new expectant parents, they decided to do the “reveal” with a photoshoot. Working with Infinite Smiles Photography, the couple hatched a plan that would make family and friends shocked then delighted.

8. Kisses Before the Reveal

Facebook Kiss Before Reveal

Image: facebook infinite smiles photography

Like any couple in love, Kennedy and Jacob stole a smooch before the big reveal. They posed behind a box that said “It’s a…” and made people move to the next photo. Wait until you see what happened next!

7. Pink Balloons

Facebook Reveal Balloons

Image: facebook infinite smiles photography

Many couples when doing a gender reveal will release pink balloons for a girl and blue balloons for a boy. This couple took the same tactic and had the box stuffed with colorful balloons. So, did blue balloons follow? Find out next!

6. It’s….a Puppy?

Facebook Dog Reveal

Image: facebook infinite smiles photography

Inside the box was a little black puppy! There were no blue balloons in sight and it was clear that Kennedy wasn’t pregnant. Instead, the two had opened their home to a new adopted family member: the puppy.

5. Meet Raven

Facebook Meet Raven 1

Image: facebook infinite smiles photography

Kennedy and Jacob’s friends and family didn’t have any idea the duo was going to adopt a puppy so this came as a surprise. It was a fun surprise and was pulled off nicely with the services of Infinite Smiles Photography.

4. Happy Family

Facebook Holding Raven

The new family couldn’t look happier with their new wriggling addition, Raven. The little puppy was certainly a star already with her bright pink collar and adorable face. The stance they had in the photograph was just like the poses of new parents in newborn photoshoots.

3. New Beginnings

Facebook Raven Paws

The couple continued their recreation of most baby photo shoots by doing the popular “walking” pose with their new “baby” in between them.

2. Running Free

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Facebook Running Raven

Image: facebook infinite smiles photography

Raven clearly is happy with her new family and is absolutely adorable. The couple likely inspired others to do the same thing with their puppy or kitten adoption reveals. Click to see one of the cutest pictures ever!

1. Sealed with a Kiss

Facebook Kiss Reveal

Image: facebook infinite smiles photography

And there it was, a look of love from Raven while her new parents kiss. Something tells us this puppy is very spoiled! Millions of dogs and cats enter animal shelters each year, so maybe you can adopt one and find the love of a pet as well.

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