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People love to go on Safari trips and see wild animals from up close. While this might sound like a great vacation for most people, it can always turn into a risky life or death situation. This is what happened to a Seattle man who forgot to close the roof on his Jeep.

20. Terrified


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The man’s facial expression says it all! The man’s name is Britton Hayes and a cheetah jumped in his jeep while he was touring the Gol Kopjes of the Serengeti.

19. Awesome Safari Trips

19 Safari

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The coolest thing about going on a Safari trip is seeing the wildlife animals that you only see in movies and documentaries from up close. However, these animals are wild and you never know what they might do…

18. Scary Stories

18 Wild Animals

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There are many scary stories about tourists who wanted to take up close pictures of wild animals and got attacked instead. Luckily, Britton Hayes didn’t get attacked and lived a once in a lifetime experience instead. You won’t believe what happened after the animal jumped in his car!

17. Aggressive Cheetahs

17 Experience Of A Lifetime

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In case you didn’t know, cheetahs can be quite aggressive. They are some of the world’s fastest predators and this makes them feared in the animal reign. But the animal from our story had something else in mind…

16. Curious Animals

16 Cheetah Are Curious

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The interesting thing about cheetahs is that they are rather curious. This is why most Safari guides avoid them. Nonetheless, let’s see how Britton Hayes got ambushed by a cheetah.

15. The Roof Is Open

15 Came To The Roof

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Britton’s guide stopped the car because some cheetahs appeared out of nowhere. One of them got on top of the car’s hood and people started taking pictures of it. This made them forget about the open roof!

14. The Man Is Scared

14 1

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Right from the moment that Britton realized a cheetah is inside the car with him, he started freaking out. Although, who could blame him?

13. The Cheetah Is Paying Attention

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13 Notices The Camrea

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One of the car’s passengers was filming this encounter with his smartphone and as you can clearly see, the cheetah noticed that. Seeing this, Britton started looking towards his guide for help. Let’s see what the guide told him.

12. Good Advice

12 Not Planning To Leave

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Luckily, the Safari guide was prepared for this type of encounters and he instructed Britton on what to do. Here is what the guide told him.

11. No Sudden Moves!

11 1

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The first thing that the guide told Britton was to not make any sudden moves. The cheetah was still assessing if he was a threat or not and Britton didn’t want it to have any reason to attack. Let’s see the second tip.

10. Avoid Eye Contact!

10 The Backseat

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The second and most valuable tip that the Safari guide gave Britton was to slow down everything. The man needed to control his breathing and to avoid eye contact. Unfortunately, the scariest thing happened next!

9. The Cheetah Is Interested In Britton

9 Intersted In The Human

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For some reason, the cheetah became interested in Britton. This sent shivers down the man’s spine! You won’t believe how scared he looks in the next picture.

8. Truly Scared

8 Terrified

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Can you imagine how scary it must be to be trapped inside a car with a cheetah? To make things even worse, the cheetah was sniffing him.

7. Second Cheetah

7 Distraction

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The scary thing about this encounter is that the second cheetah was still sitting on the hood. To make things even worse, this animal was acting as a distraction for a third one!

6. Hiding Away

6 A Third One

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The third cheetah was hiding away, maybe in a case to jump in if the other two decided to attack. Luckily, Britton and his friends were not attacked and the cheetahs ran away.

5. Cheetah Encounters


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Britton Hayes is not the only tourist to meet a cheetah up close. These animals seem to take an interest in humans. Although, this second encounter is a bit different than Britton’s. Let’s see why.

4. Friendly Cheetah


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Unlike the first cheetah, this one is friendlier. This one posed for pictures and didn’t scare the tourist by acting aggressively.

3. Three Cheetahs


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The coolest thing about this second encounter is that the cheetahs came in a group of three and they all were friendly. The next photos are even more amazing than this one!

2. Safari Trip


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Now that you’ve seen Britton’s scary encounter, would you ever want to go on a safari trip? Is it worth taking the risk?

1.Amazing Experience


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Even though Britton’s safari tip proved to be more dangerous than expected, the man did get what he wanted. He lived a once in a lifetime experience!

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