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Rescue animals are often withdrawn, sad and may suffer from all kinds of mistreatment. Often when taken to their new home, these animals are beaten down and a shell of their former selves. Luckily, with plenty of love, they often end up blossoming in a new loving home. You won’t believe the dramatic transformations that occur!


13. Scrappy

Reddit Pigglepoo

Image: reddit pigglepoo

Scrappy began his life as a street pup who was underweight, depressed and in need of some good love. Now he’s filled out, happy and in a great home. The difference a rescue makes is amazing.

12. From Fearful to Fun-Loving

Redit Omnipotent Santanas

Image: reddit omnipotent_santanas

This pup went from being super anxious about the car ride home from the shelter to being thrilled to have a fun car ride. Just look at what some love can do.

11. 8 Week Difference

Reddit Squinta

Image: squinta

This lovely German Shepherd has perked right up now that they’ve found their forever home. The first picture was the ride from the shelter and the second picture was taken just eight weeks later. Wow, what a difference!

10. Cooper

Reddit Mysteryhat

Image: reddit mysteryhat

Cooper was horrifically skinny when she was adopted, but you can hardly recognize the pup now. This is nearly a year later after she received all of the love and care she needed.

9. Snowball

Reddit Wchane

Reddit: wchane

Snowball the cat was in dire need of love and care when she showed up on a Redditor’s porch. Now a year and a half later, the cat has beautiful shiny fur and looks great.

8. Noodle

Reddit Raptorturtle626

Image: raptorturtle626

Noodle was abandoned 6 years ago in Georgia because she wasn’t a good rabbit hunter. She just recently helped out with fossil hunting in Alaska. Her owner says she’s been all over the country and even hiked the Appalachian Trail.

7. 6 Months Later

Reddit 6Month

Image: hkkids

This kitten has blossomed from a cowering unsure kitten at the shelter to a confident and secure cat in just 6 months.

6. Oliver

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Reddit Oliver

Image: reddit mhofferek

Oliver was a skinny unhealthy little cat when he came into his foster home. The foster says they’ve fostered more than 40 animals. Can you believe the difference all of their care and love made?

5. Mexican Orphan

Reddit Shmandala

Image: reddit shmandala

400;”>This sweet face was found abandoned in Mexico in the forest, but was luckily rescued along with his siblings. He was rehabilitated by a local rescue group and now happily lives in Canada with his owner.

4. Maverick

Reddit Raynnn

Image: reddit raynnn

Abused by his first family, Maverick had a sad disposition, but once he found a loving home, he grew into a wonderful happy dog. Look at how much he filled out and grew in just 6 months — he’s a whole new pup.

3. 3 Lbs to 7 Lbs


Image: reddit paradoxa

This foster kitty had several infections and was underweight at just 3 lbs. A foster mom fed him with a syringe and in one month, he’s made amazing gains. Look at him at this picture on the bottom — he’s 7 lbs!

2. Cooper

Reddit Gooser24

Image: gooser24

Locked in a warehouse and suffering from organ failure from eating poison, Cooper has rebounded wonderfully. Here he is 4 years later from his rescue and he’s so full of life.

  1. Waldo

Reddit Priceisalright

Image: reddit priceisalright

Waldo had skin conditions and was underfed, but he’s added weight since his rescue. Look at his coat, it’s beautiful and so fluffy.

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