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TFB Short Clips

33 Unbelievable Smart and Great Inspirational Quotes

Don’t show your hand.

That’s hope.
Which are they?
Stay you.
It does.
Remind yourself of what could be right.
Which will you be?
Don’t listen!
It sets the tone.
Is that a price you want to pay?
Keep at it.
Smile if you can.
Don’t do that to yourself.
Choose someone who loves all.
Put more out there.
Is that your mission?
Which will it be?
It’s on your mind for a reason.
Day after day after day.
Do you like yourself?
Don’t let them beat you.
Accept things as they are, and move on.
You don’t know them.
Take the dive!

Just be happy you can wake up.

They’re the good ones.
Just move on.
Be the 2nd.
Take them.
It is!

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