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34 Amazing and Inspiring Quotes for Success and Life
Just stay in the present
That’s how.
Chase them.
Just turn around.
You don’t need them.
That’s okay. Give yourself time to recharge.
Let it be.
Why are you doing that?
Yes it is!
Find them.
Don’t wait.
Shine on. 
Keep going.
Time to fly!
Just do it.
People are there.
Find your voice.
Don’t get defeated. It’s only a setback.
Let. it. go.
Keep working through them.
Just be you.
Shrug it off.
Let it pull you!
So which do you choose?
Get to it.
Keep dreaming.
It’s easier that way.
So change it.
Don’t pay the price.
So take it one day at a time.
Don’t be afraid to fail.

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