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34 Funny Quotes About Parenting


The true lesson of The Lion King.


Kids don’t come with instruction manuals.



I heard this a lot as a kid!




Sad but true!


Stuff definitely gets everywhere.


Or if you have any patience at all.




Dogs: lucky to have them!


It’s like clockwork.


So many of these moments!



Every parent ever.



My parents.



Kids should come with warning labels!





Ah, boys!










It always was in my house!





So never clean again?





It would be a vacation!



Why do you think there is now a Starbucks at Kroger.


All winter long.




Watch out, they’re crafty!



The scary truth.



Aw, thanks mom!



Every day.



*Kids rolling eyes*



This will be a challenge!





So much truth.




This is no lie.



It’s a true talent.

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