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TFB Short Clips



This is why we use the block function.


Noah’s Ark for the win.


The struggle is real.


10 out of 10 people agree.


Go home!



Caught me!


Classic sibling move.


Our neighbors to the north.




Oh to be a cat.

This is the truth.


Kids today.


Ha ha!


I see they caught me red-handed…

What is “outside”?


A concise summary of why I don’t sew.


Is awesome!


Good call Kermit.


He’s ready for Vikings.


Me on Friday night.


Finally someone noticed this absurdity.




So that’s how those Nic Cage movies get made!


So say we all.


It’s good to have goals.


Hello, Tumblr.


Everyone on December 26.


Actually, no.




I’m all for this!




I would leave.


Best mom ever.


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