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If you’re a fan of writing things down, you probably have a hearty collection of notebooks and sketchbooks. I myself love a good trusty Moleskin, but I just happened upon a new piece of technology that might have me making my notes a bit more digital. With a design similar to the Kindle, reMarkable is a paper tablet that lets you take digital notes with ease.

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I’ve not had a chance to actually hold it, but reMarkable claims the tablet feels just like the traditional pen-to-paper experience. It actually feels like paper and gives you the sensation of taking notes on paper. It’s meant to give you a distraction-free surface so you don’t have to take notes on your phone or tablet which may give you email and social media notifications. Yet another piece of technology I wish I had when I was in college and taking copious notes.


Once you’ve written your notes out, you can convert them to typed text with the touch of a button. Then you can export it and send it through email. You can also sketch on the tablet or read documents, then use the included marker to annotate, take notes and more. But the difference is that it all feels like you’re writing on actual paper. You have “virtually unlimited pages” and and you can organize all of your notes and notebooks right on the tablet — it looks similar to Evernote at a glance. As for reading on the reMarkable, the tablet features no backlight and no glare. The effect is like reading on paper with ease. You can read PDFs and ebooks.

A large part of the reMarkable design is improve your focus and concentration by reducing distractions. I’ve used my Kindle Fire before just intending to read an ebook and soon, my email notifications creep in, and then I think I might want to check social media. These actions can just snowball into distraction and take me completely away from what I was doing. The reMarkable is meant to combat that, and I think it’s a welcome addition to the tablet world.

400;”>Saving and retrieving your notes seems to be relatively simple thanks to drag-and-drop. The reMarkable syncs via WiFi so you can access your work from anywhere. Apps are available for Windows, iOS, and Android. Included with a reMarkable is the tablet’s marker. It doesn’t require charging or setup, and offers the friction of a paper experience. Made to be super precise, the pen tip has pressure and tilt sensibility to make the stroke width and size you desire when writing. Last but certainly not least, the reMarkable promises days, not hours, of battery life.

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The reMarkable Holiday Bundle is currently $649, discounted from the retail price of $799. The bundle includes a handsome folio case to keep your reMarkable tablet safe, a marker, and the tablet itself — all shipped with DHL Express Shipping. Other options for purchase include the marker and 8 replacement tips by itself for $79, a folio for $99, and a charging/data transfer cable for $15. You can also buy just a box of replacement marker tips for $12. Seems like a good holiday gift for your favorite student, artist, writer, or architect, though anyone who loves paper and pen can appreciate it.

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