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Everybody knows that dogs are man’s best friends. The bond between a dog and his owner is something truly special, just like unconditional love. In fact, people who don’t own pets might find it difficult to understand how much pets love their owners.

This is the story of Guy Cole, a war veteran who adopted a puppy golden retriever. Guy Cole only wanted a friend but little did he know, the golden retriever will soon save his life!

20. War Veteran

The man we are seeing in this picture Guy Cole. Guy is a 74-years-old war veteran who retired in Massachusetts with his wife Adele and Toby, the golden retriever he adopted.

19. Fighting For Freedom

As previously mentioned, Guy is a war veteran. The man fought for freedom in Vietnam and then spent the rest of his life as a corrections officer. The one thing that Guy always wanted was a puppy!

18. Adopting Toby

After retiring from service, Guy adopted Toby. This cute golden retriever instantly fell in love with him. Sadly, something bad happened to Guy’s wife…

17. Adele Passes Away

Guy’s wife passed away in 2014. This broke Guy’s heart, but he wasn’t alone. Toby was there for him!

16. Moving to Webster, Massachusetts

Guy wanted to move into a quiet town after his wife passed away and he chose Webster, Massachusetts. He chose the perfect location because this place was also ideal for Toby.

15. Frank Olzta

Frank Olzta is one of Guy’s best friends and he witnessed an amazing moment where Toby showed how dedicated he is to his owner. Check out the next picture to see what Frank Olzta is talking about.

14. Unexpected Visit

Frank Olzta lives about half a mile down from Guy’s house and one day, he heard something scratching at the front door. Who could it be?

13. Something is Wrong!

Frank Olzta saw that Toby came to visit him in the middle of the night. This is when he realized that something is wrong. Without any hesitation, he called 911. You won’t believe what happened next!

12. Guy Needs Medical Attention

Frank Olzta sent the paramedics over to Guy’s house because he thought something was wrong. Sadly, Frank was right because Guy needed medical attention. Do you think the paramedics arrived in time?

11. Guy Didn’t Make It

Despite Toby’s best efforts to save Guy, the paramedics didn’t make it in time. This broke Frank’s heart. What he had to say about Toby will also break yours!

10. Heartbreaking Moment

Even though Frank was sad to find out that his friend passed away, he couldn’t stop from giving the golden retriever praise for what he did. “I hope my dogs do that for me”, said Frank. The local police department also decided to make Toby a local hero.

9. The Local Police

As you can clearly tell, the entire town was proud of what Toby did. The local police were so moved by the dog’s actions that they decided to let everyone know about how courageous Toby is. Want to know what’s even more amazing than this? This is not the first time that Toby helps Guy in his time of need.

8. Local Hero

Just after Guy passed away, one of his friends came and told the locals that this is not the first time that Toby tried to help him. This next story is downright incredible!

7. Looking For Help

Guy’s friend said that one time he saw Toby walking all alone on the dirt road. This was quite unusual for Toby since Guy would always walk him around. After seeing this, the friend decided to go check up on Guy and see if something is wrong. What he found next terrified him!

6. Following Toby

Guy’s friend decided to follow Toby and see where he leads him. To the friend’s surprise, Toby went straight home. The friend was not ready for what happened next!

5. Rushed to the Hospital!

After following Toby’s lead, the friend found Guy lying face down on his floor. This was a terrific scene and he instantly called the ambulance. The paramedics rushed Guy to the hospital and managed to save his life!

4. Special Dog

Everyone who knew Guy and Toby said that this wasn’t an ordinary golden retriever, he was something special instead! How many dogs would risk so much to save their owner’s life?

3. Lucky to Have Each Other

Guy and Toby were lucky to have each other! Guy offered Toby a loving home and Toby looked out for him. To make things even more heartwarming, Toby was included as a living relative in Guy’s obituary!

2. Mentioned in Obituary

Mentioning Toby in Guy’s obituary is one of the most amazing things ever! Where do you think Toby ended up now that Guy passed away?

1. Living with Extended Family

Seeing what a great dog Toby is, Guy’s extended family took him in. Even though Toby didn’t manage to save Guy’s life the second time he tried, no one can deny that this golden retriever isn’t amazing.

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