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34 Snappy Snarky and Silly Quotes

Quote Am I SenseIt does!
Quote Beef JerkyBeef jerky!
Quote CharcoalTake care of the rest though.
Quote Dentist WomanBeware.
Quote Did ThisYes1
Quote Its So HotShould I?
Quote JourneyThey said to don’t stop!

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Quote Just To Impress FitbitDang it Fitbit!
Quote Laughing JoggersSee? Fitness.
Quote Legos For AdultsLego comes with better instructions.
Quote Lose Stuff At SchoolWork too.
Quote Messy BunIt’s just real casual.
Quote New MakeupGet rid of that!
Quote No ClueHm.
Quote NumeratorMath puns!
Quote OverwhelmingCheers.
Quote Single PringleLies.
Quote Soak EnemiesWhy ask!?
Quote Taco TuesdayDream big kids!
Quote Throw InThis should be their slogan.
Quote Trust Issues So many issues.
Quote Young FemaleMy way is better.
Quote VoodooVoodoo!
Quote Every DrugYep.
Quote Checked MyselfHe should’ve checked!
Quote Not Like ThatLet me do it!
Quote Few Fun ThingsSay your prayers.
Quote BadSee?
Quote Good FoodBad food? Bad mood.
Quote Large PortionWhy haven’t them come?

Quote Is It Worth It

Oh, I see what you did there.

Quote Instagram DownWhat did you eat!?

Quote Facebook MirrorThanks selfies!
Quote Friends WithClever.
Quote Takes 50The last selfie..and…gone.

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