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35 of the Laziest Funny Animals You’ve Seen

Funny Cat Flip Flop

Flopped right down into that flip flop.

Funny Pug Move

Pug living life.

Funny Too Lazy Up

A story most cats know well.

Funny Dog Faster

That dog has found a loophole.

Funny Pointy Rocks

And you’re a cat.

Funny Too Lazy To Do

So just sitting here will be the answer.

Funny Scruffles

Um, he just going to lay.

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Funny Should Do Something


Funny Cow Lie

WHEN it chooses.

Funny Ray Cat

So many cats are caught.

Funny Roll Sausage

Help him out.

Funny Vampire Kitty


Funny Lazy Tag


Funny Same Position

Cats are so lucky.

Lazy Not Up For It


Funny Chasing You

These two are out lazying each other.

Funny Not Lazy

Just efficient.

Funny Download Fish

Give it.

Funny Bring Remote

She’s clearly not up for anything.

Funny Sloth Thing

No need for a to-do list.

Funny Cat Beer

Save him the trip.

Funny Cat BedYes.
Funny Cat Bed Lay

That’s a move though.

Funny Lazy Dog Couch

Just go away man.

Funny Cat Orange

Just one!

Funny Panda Lazy Ah…
Funny Orange Cat Lazy

The age old quandry.

Funny Cat Ride TurtleSo.
Funny Dog Carry Me

Carry him!

Funny Lazy Couch

I adore you.

Funny Lazy Dog Food

A wonderful gift.

Funny Only Lazy Awake

See? Not the same.

Funny Only Frog

Just bring it.

Funny Getting Off Donkey

Can’t make me either.

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