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27 Funny Images That Book Lovers Know All Too Well

Meme Bookadventure I’m going to Narnia, Westeros, Hogwarts.. so many other better places than here.


Meme Bookdisappoint

I mean, no one explicitly said “don’t buy books”.


Meme Bookdisneyfeet

How could you, Gaston? You really are a brute!


Meme Bookhigh Actually it should be separated into “new book smell” and “old book smell.” There’s a distinct difference!


Meme Bookinterrupt

Why? I ask for so little!


Meme Booklibraryhave

Um, hello, it’s called Belle’s library. We all wanted that library!


Meme Booklordoftherings

My precious, though. My precious!



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Meme Bookmonsters

This is a book. It’s not something to be damaged or used.


Meme Bookprices It’s very true. Thankfully there’s used bookstores and libraries. 


Meme Bookthrow

We shared so much book and now it’s just over?


Meme Cryingfictional

It will never be “just” a book. 


Meme Fictionalgothrough

I’ve seen you get blinded or lose hands or families, and I’ve suffered with you!


Meme Goingtofinish I believe in myself and I will finish! 


Meme Justabook

You bite your tongue.


Meme Killsofffavorite

I had so much hope for you, and you let me down! Lured me into a false sense of security..


Meme Mebooksihaventread

That book so awesome and enticing though…


Meme Rewardbook We have to reward ourselves because we’re being literate, you know.


Meme Thisisearth

Why aren’t I back in that book world?


Meme Addtocollection I think he’s right. I will read them eventually and I really don’t want to run out of things to read.


Meme Bookdontlikereading

What do you do for fun then?


Meme Bookemergencies

People are the worst, books are great.


Meme Booklist

I’m such a great list maker.


Meme Bookpersonality

That could be a good thing or a bad thing…


Meme This textbook is so tedious though.



Meme Cantbelieveread

I’m supposed to like, stop?


Meme Bookchart Seems accurate.


Meme CantsendbooksAnd snacks! I need some snacks for my reading.


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