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36 DIY Ways to Paint a Pumpkin

Diy Rickmortypumpkin

What could be better than a pumpkin painted like Ricky and Morty? Meeseeks, of course!


Diy Pumpkinpinochio

What a clever way to painted a pumpkin with a Disney flair — Pinocchio’s nose as the stem!


Diy Paintedicecream

Summer meets fall with this painted pumpkin ice cone.


Diy Paintedbluepumpkins

Whimsical painted pumpkins bright to mind bright sunsets.



Diy Nemopumpkins

Fish are friends, not food, but Nemo and Dory are perfectly painted pumpkins here.


Diy Lionpumpkin

The cowardly lion as a painted pumpkin!


Diy Sketchbookpainted

Amazing sketchbook-style leaves cover this beautiful painted pumpkin.


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Diy Ghostpumpkins

All kinds of frights bring delights with these painted pumpkins.


Diy Witchplease

Witch please, this is one of the cutest painted pumpkins!


Diy Tinyspottedpumpkins

Fun painted polka dots are a great way to decorate pumpkins with kids.


Diy Superheropumpkins

The Super Friends and Harry Potter unite in painted pumpkin form.


Diy Seusspumpkin

Dr. Seuss is on the loose! Or has at least inspired this painted pumpkin.


Diy Sesamestreetpumpkin

Young and old can appreciate this Sesame Street painted pumpkin set.


Diy Rainbowdash

Pumpkins are magic! Here’s Rainbow Dash, everyone’s favorite fast pegasus.


Diy Pumpkinspongebob

Who lives in a pumpkin on the counter? Spongebob Squarepants!


Diy Pumpkinroses

Take your rock painted talents to new heights with a gorgeous rosy pumpkin.


Diy Poohhoneypumpkin

Silly old bear got stuck in the honey jar pumpkin again.


Diy Polkadotpainted

Cats don’t have to be black for Halloween — they can be bright and orange!



Diy Peanutspumpkin

The Red Baron takes flight with this adorable pumpkin. 


Diy Patternedpumpkins

Pattered pumpkins are all the rage for steps.



Diy Paintedscoobypumpkin

Scooby Scooby Doo..where are you? In the pumpkin!


Diy Painteddoughnuts

These pumpkin doughnuts look yummy enough to eat.


Diy Orangepaintedpumpkins

Painted pumpkins with seasonal greetings for your guests.


Diy Nemopumpkin

Yes, no trouble finding a Nemo pumpkin.


Diy Minionpumpkins

Gru and his Minion pumpkins are a fun sight.


Diy Leavespumpkins

Lovely leaves illustrate the pumpkins here.


Diy Herringbonepumpkin

A gold and white herringbone pattern is always classy.


Diy Harrypotterpumpkin

It’s the boy who lived!



Diy Gumballpumpkin

A gum ball machine can be made out of a painted pumpkin, a planter and a drip tray.



Out of this world pumpkins are a perfect treat.


Diy Fruitpumpkins

The fruits of your labor will show up on this pumpkin.


Diy Fallpumpkin

Sometimes pumpkins don’t need much decor.


Diy Emojipumpkin

Emoji pumpkins certainly bring smiles and laughter to trick or treaters.


Diy Disneypumpkins

Disney Tsum Tsums inspired adorable pumpkins!



Diy Coolpumpkins

Elegant patterned pumpkins are great for parties.


Diy Blackorangepumpkin

No one can deny the beauty of a simple black and orange painted pumpkin.

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