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TFB Short Clips

36 Funny Animal Snapchats, Memes and Pictures that Will Leave You Pawsivitely Delighted

This is not a joke, sir.



His little leg is big time adorable.



The dog.



Now that’s a really funny animal picture if there ever was one.



Absolutely the best boy.



Puffy cuteness.



All the kisses



I mean… likely.



Silly old bear…er…dog.






Um that’s terrifying.






Yes you do!



She got you.






Poor mama.



And you should treasure them.



More of a wait and see.






They got their favorites.



So. long.






He should.



You go Michael!



Just two buds.



You need some duds.



Give her everything. Ever.



Just creeping back.






Um, excuse me.



On it!






Hey mom, mom.



It’s awful.



How dare he!



She was just hell then.

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