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36 Inspirational Quotes About Happiness

Not chasing happiness.


Risk taking can lead to happiness.

Only you have the key.


It’s the half-empty/half-full lesson.


Value yourself first.


Don’t try to get everything at once.




That never works.


It is not situational.


Because nothing will ever be perfect.


Good insight.


It starts within.


A tough task in the social media age.


The best way to increase the happiness is to share it!


Happiness requires open doors.


Start with you.




When in doubt, use endorphins.


Start with one thing.


Looking on the bright side.


Forget about “should.”


You have no time to waste.


Don’t hold on to the negative.




Things lose their luster.


Expect the best rather than the worst.


The same concept.


Simple works.


Keep your own counsel.


Happiness is a personal choice.


Gratitude is a key component of being happy.


It’s ok to create your own universe!


That’s the spirit!


Do what you love.


Everyone has problems, but it’s how you transcend them.


Don’t focus on things.

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