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36 Inspirational Quotes to Make You Think

Never let your insecurities speak for you.

Ancient Greek wisdom.

Great advice.

Nothing everything good comes easy.

An advertisement for travel.

He’s not wrong about that!

Don’t turn back.

Always be open to new tactics.

Learn to read the signs.

Another way of saying seize the day.

A good thought.

The essential Kurt Vonnegut.

You never know what comes next if you won’t let the past go.

Supporting each other is cool.

Sage advice.

Happiness is a state of mind.

Just a reminder.

It’s worth the risk!

With or without No. 5!

A good bit of advice about letting it go.

Don’t fear the test.

To get to the good stuff, you have to move through the muck.

Choose kindness.

A guide to healthy relationships.

Use different words, not louder ones.

When all else fails, remind yourself you don’t want to go to jail.

People are not powerless.


Don’t focus so much on the destination or you miss the best parts.

You’ll always regret it.

Stop deliberating and go!

Learning how to think will always serve you better than being told what to think.

Revel in your uniqueness.

An excellent point.

Those who listen win.

A reminder to be in the present.

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