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25 Funny Parent Fails

Bad idea!

Oh no….

It was all he had on hand.

Maybe he’s a parseltongue.

When the Slurpee calls, you answer.

Above the call of duty.

Mom has some explaining to do.

He fits!

This is not a recommended use of the stroller.

Baby’s first beer pong.

Photo day ruined.

Desperate times, desperate measures.

Nice try, mom.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Kind of bad but also kind of genius?

It was supposed to be a header, not a face-smash, dad!

The dad’s face is priceless.


Bad, very bad, dad.

Another kind of bad, but kind of genius move.

And yet another bad but cool move.

At least he didn’t leave her outside.


Too many things wrong here to count. Also, raccoons.


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