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TFB Short Clips

35 Pics Prove There’s a Little Animal in Each of Us

Because packing clothes and shoes for trips are overrated….

This man just signed himself up for “lifetime squirrel feeder”

Love has no discrimination…

This is what being humble really looks like….

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

No chastity belt needed for this cat….

It pays off to be drama free…

Talk about, in touch with your emotions…

She’s the talk of the town…in a bad way… #hussy

Sometimes bosses ask the dumbest questions #theyasked

Dogs: No matter what, they will always have your back.

What being fully in control looks like

It must suck to feel awkward 24/7

That’s the quintessential “Thanks mom” face…we all do it.

Damn that feels so good!

Hey, whatever works

Hey, whatever makes us look like an upstanding citizen!

One word to sum up someone else feeding you, “joy”

Crazy night bro, woke up with a bunch of otters…

Been there, done that…

Why do people always look down on the “home body”…

Shouldn’t have had that extra cheese on your sandwich for lunch…

No one should ever give up on their goal…

No matter how much you’re stumbling, this trick always works. #drunk101

Would this be considered “strategic product placement”?

And it usually happens when you’re walking completely naked around your house

So true! There should be a “no kids in booths” rule…

Yaasss! You’d think they would make movie sections wider by now!

Just let me sleep on the couch and don’t wake me up! #sleepyhell

Why must we enter sudden moments of amnesia sometimes?

Like, really? C’mon lady/man!

Why must the most heavenly part of the drink, sink to the very bottom, every time!

This is where they got the idea for the movie, “The Hangover”.

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