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40 Kardashian Memes That Every 20-Something Can Relate To

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1. Jackpot.


2. Mmmm no. Starbucks definitely stole $1,537 from me.


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3. I swear I’m never talking to you again.

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4. I’m sorry…. Who are you?

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5. God Karen you’re so stupid!

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6. Peasant.

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7. Yeah, no I’m leaving.

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8. Ohhhh really? We had noooo idea.

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9. ANYWAY what are we having for lunch?

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10. Oh you bought a house? That’s soooo great. Loser.

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11. Jesus Catie how dumb are you?

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12. Wait… are they all talking in a separate group without me?

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13. LOL…JK…Ha…

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14. Someone call wine-one-one.

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15. How many carbs are in these chips?

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16. Okay but honestly thank god.

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17. You can’t laugh with us.


18. LOLZ I’m going to take you down for this later.


19. Literally no one asked you.

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20. Hahaha I’m going to ruin you.

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21. Sorry, what was your point again?


22. Honestly my therapist just doesn’t understand.

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23. Lolz betch go look at your insta right now.

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24. Sit down Lisa.

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25. Excuse me, have you seen me in a shopping mall?

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26. Got ’emmmm.

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27. How is it possible to hate and love a moment so much?

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28. Uhuh.

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29. Hahahah wait until I tell Britney this shit.

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30. Success.

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31. I just have really expensive taste okay?

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32. Ew, why?

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33. Yeah, Rachel, I’m going to need you to stop being so damn petty.

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34. Say it again, I dare you.

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35. There’s a special place in hell for you, woman.



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36. OMG they’re so right I’m totally sourdough.

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37. *Follows for 6 more blocks*


38. *Solves boredom by visiting*

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