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39 Hilarious Signs

9 out of 10 parents agree.

Say what?


Ah the pre-cell phone world!


Dairy Queen do you need an adult?

Should be at every stadium, probably!






This will not be hard to comply with.


Who is this for??


Daily reminder…




Much sekrit.


Oh good point!


Does this refer to poo?


The HOA is out of control.


I’m guessing this is from Cracker Barrel.


Great sign.


There’s no snooze button on a cat!


Aint’t nothin’ but a P thing baby.

Well that is distressing.



Truth by sign!


Best spay sign ever.


A close second.


That is one massive sale!


That’s why the single tastes so good?!?


Telling my animals this today!


Wait what???


The latest diet fad is fudge.


I’m glad they clarified it also applies to cars.


Oh my!


So unfortunate.




I feel ya!




McDonald’s new marketing campaign.

Are you sure?


Good point.


Me too!

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